Participate in the Positive Impact Rating for business schools!

We are delighted to announce that we have launched the Positive Impact Rating 2021 Edition.

The PIR is a unique, student-led initiative that measures how business schools contribute to solving societal challenges.

We launched the First Edition of the PIR at the World Economic Forum in Davos thanks to committed students from 51 participating schools covering 22 countries and five continents! You can see the First Edition Report on our website.

What do you need to do to participate?

There are two conditions for a business school to participate:

  1. A committed student association to coordinate the PIR assessment and survey data collection
  2. The school to register and sign the agreement to pay participation fees to the PIR Association by 1st December 2020.

Why do we need an engaged student association?

The PIR is based on a survey run by students who evaluate their school. We collect student voices and opinions on their business schools’ efforts in energizing, educating, and engaging towards a more sustainable world.

Why are we switching to a fee-based model?

We ask Business schools to pay a fee of 1,880 euro so we can:

  • Sustain the PIR for the future : we are moving away from a reliance on donations and unpaid work. However, the PIR Association will remain a not-for-profit organization.
  • Cover costs of operation : we use the fee exclusively to cover the costs of operating the PIR.
  • Ensure that resources match growth : we aim to grow participation in the PIR year-by-year, so our income and resources need to grow at the same rate.

What happens next?

After registration and payment, we will open the survey portal on 1st December 2020 for your student association to access. We will close the survey on 26 February 2021. Schools are free to decide within this period when the time is right for a focused campaign on campus. The PIR team will provide support and training for student associations before the launch and throughout this time.

Get in touch for more information
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