NexGenLead - Call for student interviewers

Are you a student aspiring to one day become a Responsible Leader yourself? Take this opportunity and interview the leader that has been inspiring or who can inspire you!

NexGenLead is a 3-weeks virtual program in November 2020, organized by oikos International and swissnex Brazil, enabled by Movetia.

This program aims to lay the foundations of a worldwide virtual community of students to start a dialogue on Leadership & Sustainability, while setting the ground to practice Responsible Leadership competencies and, finally, take ownership of their education.

We would like to invite you to become a co-creator of the Program by leading virtual interviews with unique people from all over the world to get their personal and professional perspective on this topic. Let curiosity lead your way and take this opportunity to shape what will become the main content of the first two weeks of the NexGenLead Program.

It is time to grow your communication skills, to put yourself out there and to get a head start on the journey towards responsible leadership!

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