New Textbook on "Sustainability Management" out now!

Dear NBS community,

my new textbook on sustainability management is out (“Sustainability Management – Concepts, Instruments, and Stakeholders from a Global Perspective”)! It comes with praise from reputed sustainability actors such as Andrew Crane, Robert Eccles, Dirk Matten, Jonatan Pinkse, Minna Halme, and Mike Russo.

In 20 chapters, I provide extensive knowledge on sustainability management including

  • concepts of sustainable development and sustainability management,
  • instruments and tools used in essential management domains such as strategy, marketing, accounting, supply chain management, or innovation management,
  • and an extensive stakeholder perspective to illuminate the influence of various actors such as employees, customers, investors, or (non-)governmental actors.

Features on “faces of sustainability”, “sustainability in business”, “sustainability in society,” and sustainability in research" provide lively insights into practical issues and illustrate numerous best practice as well as worst practice examples. The book comes with an extensive range of online resources for instructors (slides etc.) and students via (with info on how to get a digital inspection copy). It should be applicable for courses on the undergraduate, graduate, and MBA level - and of course for practitioners who would like to get a holistic overview of the different facets of sustainability management.

The book is available as paperback and ebook (via Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble etc.). More info on the book website:

Thank you for your consideration.

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Dear NBS community,

a couple of days ago, I informed you about the publication of my new textbook “Sustainability Management – Concepts, Instruments, and Stakeholders from a Global Perspective”. Today, it is my pleasure to let you know you that I finished uploading all 20 sets of PPTX slides accompaying the respective book chapters to the book website. In case you want some inspiration for a lecture or whatever, have a look here: (all files are accessible for free after registration).

Here is a full overview of all chapters (and thus the PPTX files) so that directly see if it’s interesting for you (or not, of course):

Part A. Introducing sustainable development and sustainability management
Chapter A1: History and Status Quo of Sustainable Development
Chapter A2: Concepts of sustainability and sustainable development
Chapter A3: Reasons for sustainable development and sustainability management
Chapter A4: Sustainability Strategies

Part B. Stakeholder perspectives on sustainability management
Chapter B1: Stakeholder Management
Chapter B2: Employees
Chapter B3: Governmental actors
Chapter B4: Civil society
Chapter B5: Investors
Chapter B6: Consumers

Part C. Instruments and functional perspectives of sustainability
Chapter C1: Sustainability marketing
Chapter C2: Sustainable human resource management
Chapter C3: Sustainable supply chain management
Chapter C4: Sustainable production and logistics
Chapter C5: Sustainable innovation management
Chapter C6: Sustainability accounting
Chapter C7: Sustainability management control
Chapter C8: Sustainability reporting
Chapter C9: Sustainable business models and alternative forms of organizations
Chapter C10: Digitalization and sustainability management

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