LBS International Sustainability Conference (ISC): Strategies for Sustainable Economy Recovery

The International Sustainability Conference (ISC) is an annual dialogue-to-action forum hosted by Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre. The conference brings various stakeholders together to advance sustainable development through business. This platform inspires business leaders to embed sustainability and responsible business practices in their strategy and operations to make a positive impact not only on business performance but on society as well.

2020 Theme: ‘Strategies for Sustainable Economy Recovery.’
Date/Time: 2020-11-21T12:00:00Z2020-11-21T15:00:00Z
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Why Strategies for Sustainable Economic Recovery?
As the COVID-19 pandemic trudged on, it resulted in the decimation of many Nations economies, job losses and crumbling businesses. Governments wonder how they can ensure the health and safety of their citizens without compromising their livelihoods. Businesses are faced with a more complex and volatile operating environment which has led to unprecedented loss of revenues and livelihoods. The Civil Society also grapples with challenges of addressing pressing social issues in the midst of the pandemic. It is against this background that we discuss possible strategies which can be adopted to ensure sustainable economic recovery. This is necessary to provide employment and builds a more prosperous and inclusive society. We must strive to rebuild in a way that benefits both the present and future generations.

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