International Sustainability Conference: Innovating for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth


Posted on behalf of Oreva Atanya.

International Sustainability Conference 2019
Theme: Innovating for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Lagos Business School, Lekki, Nigeria

The international sustainability conference is an annual dialogue-to-action forum hosted by Lagos Business School Sustainability Centre that brings various stakeholders together to advance sustainable development through business. This conference is a platform to inspire business leaders to embed sustainability and responsible business practices in their strategy and operations to result in positive impacts not only on business performance but on the society as well.

This conference highlights the means and opportunities for sustainable business to an audience of corporate executives and other stakeholders in the public sector and civil society. Speakers and contributors will share positive opportunities to set business strategy and transform markets – in line with the 17 Global Goals and their 169 component targets – to deliver the practical solutions needed to protect the planet’s resources and leave no one behind.

This year, the International Sustainability Conference is centred around the theme ‘Innovating for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth’. The conference has been a major platform for mainstreaming the sustainability conversation in Nigeria since 2014. Please click here and go to the bottom of the page to view past conference proceedings.

See more info on the conference website.