Guest Speakers for your courses

NBS Colleague:

I want to alert you to a resource of interest to NBS scholars and teaching faculty.

The Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership is an online library of research and teaching materials featuring more than 600 resources–including company case studies, videos, links to research articles, and policy reports covering a variety of scholarly questions related to employee ownership.

A new feature on the site is the “Employee Ownership Speakers Bureau.” The Speakers Bureau includes CEOs and nationally recognized experts who are available to speak with college classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Each of the speakers is deeply knowledgeable and has a wealth of expertise and real-world stories, to share with your students. Read their biographies on the site, and fill out the form to schedule a speaker. They can tailor their presentation to your course needs.

We want to invite you to visit…and we also invite you to request a guest speaker for any course.

The Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership (CLEO) is a program of the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations.

Questions? Please contact

Adria Scharf, Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations