Federal funding opportunity for innovators who can reduce food waste

The federal government has launched the first two streams of the Food Waste Reduction Challenge – a $20 million competition to fund innovative solutions to food waste at any point from farm to plate. Solutions can range from high-tech (AI, data science, robotics) to new marketplaces and business models, to food science and technology, among many others. This funding opportunity could thus be of interest to researchers, non-governmental organizations, for-profit companies, and others involved in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to: agriculture, commerce and business, environmental science, engineering, computer science, food and nutrition, chemistry. International applicants with a Canadian partner or an ability to register to do business in Canada are encouraged to apply. Ideas and concepts can originate from anywhere globally, but to receive funding under the Challenge, the solutions presented in the submissions must be developed, tested, piloted, demonstrated, and deployed in Canada. The application deadline for the first two challenge streams is January 18, 2021.