Ethical Organisations track and Journal of Business Ethics special issue


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Transforming knowledge into action: Towards sustainable development in emerging economies


Ethical Organisations track and Journal of Business Ethics special issue

12-14 December 2019
Melbourne, Australia

Monash Business School, in partnership with the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ), and the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA) will hold the 16th International Conference on Business Management (ICBM) in December, 2019 at Monash University in Australia. The theme of the Conference is ‘Transforming knowledge into action: Towards sustainable development in emerging economies’ .

Track on Ethical Organisations

Ethics and ethical culture within organisations are critical for good governance and a sound business sector in the context of growing inequality and global societal upheavals. However, conditions of constituting ethical organisations intersect with the flexibility in norms and regulations at the national level, which are often shaped by arguments in favour of self-regulation of the corporate sector.

Papers in this Track will answer questions such as: How does the interaction of states, the corporate sector and civil society organisations shape the ethical conduct of business? How can businesses promote greater ethical conduct? What alternative forms of organisation or organising exist or can be created? How might these create /ensure sustainable organisations in current social and political spaces?

How can learnings be shared among organisations and involved actors located in developed and emerging economies? What new conceptualisations of ethical and sustainable organisations are necessitated by ongoing racially based politics in the context of inequality and global movements of people and resources? What possibilities exist to increase voice of the marginalised actors in business governance?

Papers submitted to this track may also be submitted to a special issue of Journal of Business Ethics in the topic Imagining Ethical Organizations: Challenges and Insights from South Asia . Submission deadline: April 30, 2020.

Guest editors: Fahreen Alamgir, Monash University, Australia, Hari Bapuji, University of Melbourne, Australia, and Raza Mir, William Paterson University, USA


· Associate Professor Michelle Greenwood, Monash Business School, Australia (

· Dr Fahreen Alamgir, Monash Business School, Australia

· Associate Professor Hari Bapuji, University of Melbourne, Australia