Deep Energy Efficiency

What is deep efficiency, and how do building owners and investors generate favorable returns from energy efficiency…

Hi Jason! Chelsea here, from the Network for Business Sustainability.

I’d love to see if/how we can leverage the expertise in the NBS network to answer this question.

To help me understand if it’s a topic we can cover (or have covered), could you tell me a little bit more about yourself, what you’re seeking to learn about deep efficiency, and maybe what you’re looking for in terms of knowledge on generating returns? (For example, are you looking for a “business case 101” on making office buildings more energy efficient? Or something different?)

Once I understand the question a bit more, I’ll explore with our team which resources might be helpful.

Chelsea Hicks-Webster

Hi Chelsea! I was actually hoping to answer the question myself as an expert in deep energy efficiency. I posed the question as a potential topic for a podcast. I was hoping to share some insight in the field of energy metering technology.

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Ahhhh!!! I see. This makes sense. And I’m so glad you’re interested in sharing your expertise.

In this case, let me re-direct you to a place where you can tell us more about your idea:

Here, you’ll find our publication guidelines, and a link to formally submit your idea to be considered for an article.

Just note that our content review committee looks for the ‘novelty’ of potential article topics - we try to share emerging sustainability ideas and trends. There’s often a novel angle or evolution, even for mainstream topics, but I like to flag that criteria as it’s a bit different than you might find in other publication outlets.

If you have any questions, just email me at:

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