Call for submissions: AoM specialized conference, Mexico 2020


Dear Scholars,

I would like to invite you to participate in the Academy of Management specialized conference “Advancing Management Research in Latin America,” that will take place in Mexico City, April 15-17, 2020. One of the conference track focuses on “Tackling Sustainability Challenges in Latin America” (see below for more information).

The call for submissions is now open. We are accepting proposals for professional development workshops (PDWs), early-stage paper sessions, panel symposiums, and paper presentations. Deadline is October 30th. We also need reviewers, so we hope you sign up!

Conference website:

Call for submissions and reviewers:

We look forward to seeing you in Mexico!

Andrea Prado

Associate Professor, INCAE Business School

TRACK 2: Tackling Sustainability Challenges in Latin America

This track explores how Latin-American organizations, while aiming to achieve long-term success and prosperity, confront grand societal challenges such as macroeconomic volatility, environmental degradation, increasing poverty and social inequality, deficient education, migration of talent, and a shortage of qualified talent. Examples of relevant research questions are: How can Latin American managers make their organizations recession-proof, and even thrive in the midst of turbulent economies? How do global firms (MNCs) managers deal with / organize for macroeconomic volatility, poverty, social inequality, and other sustainability-related challenges in the Latin American operating environment? How do firms integrate societal and environmental concerns in the development of their long-term strategies? How do local and global companies in the natural resource sector organize for sustainability? How does social inequality shape the business environment? How can companies help reduce inequality or foster community development? This track encompasses research on topics such as public-private collaborations, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, social impact, natural resources management, UN Sustainable Development Goals, business-community development, nonprofit organizations, inclusive growth, among others.