Call for sharing: The Canadian Business Youth Council Official Launch

Dear Community Members,

The Canadian Business Youth Council For Sustainable Development was formed to unite Canadian undergraduate student organizations in sustainable business in order to grow the movement across the country by sharing best practices and disseminating essential knowledge on the topic. Our missions are to “Inspire”, “Guide” and “Represent” by providing young professionals and students across the country the resources and support they need to be the sustainable business leaders of the future.

Our resouces include our “Youth Guide to Sustainable Business”, which curates industry insights and introductory resources from some of our nation’s industry leaders. Furthermore, we also offer our “Take Action” resources, aimed at inspiring youth to take action within their own educational institutions.

As we recently launched our national campaign in March 2020, we wish to reach as many universities and students in Canada as possible with our valuable resources. As your organizations support the integration of sustainability-oriented education in our education system, we need your help in sharing our youth movement with your connections in the following ways:

  1. We hope you would share our message with your community in any way you see fit (Facebook, email, newsletters, etc.).

  2. We hope to gain exposure directly to as many students as we can, and would greatly appreciate introductions to professors within your organization’s network. We would contact each professor and ask them to share our educational resources with their students.

If you have any questions about our initiative or our interested in helping us share, please contact us at:

I also welcome you to visit our resources for more information and full access to resources:




Thank you,

Syndy Shi

Marketing Director for the Canadian Business Youth Council