Call for research - executive pay and sustainability - Deadline 21 June 2019


The PRI is inviting expressions of interest from academic researchers to explore how executive pay can drive and deliver corporate sustainability in the long term.

How to apply and the deadline

Please see the academic research page for the background, full criteria and the application form.

Completed applications should be received by 21 June 2019.

The research focus

  • An academic literature review highlighting influential and innovative research on ESG and executive pay and connected governance issues
  • A global market scan of corporate practices on integration of ESG issues in executive pay and identify trends and gaps for an investor audience to consider
  • A comparison of corporate use of ESG metrics in incentive plans with material ESG issues in specific industries (e.g. using the SASB framework)
  • Recommendations for investors, particularly on active ownership

The research may also evaluate corporate culture on sustainability and its relationship with the design of compensation packages, and explore barriers to the comprehensive use of ESG factors in pay including any unintended consequences from their incorporation.