Call for Papers: special issue of Sustainability on New Technologies and Corporate Social Responsibility

The journal Sustainability is accepting papers for submission to a special issue titled “Sustainability and Innovation: New Technologies Shaping the Marketplace.”

Special Issue Editors:
Dr. Meredith E. David (Baylor University)
Dr. Kealy Carter (University of South Carolina)

Overview: This special issue will focus on how marketing expertise and new technologies can be strategically combined and effectively applied to the cause of promoting responsible consumption, preserving the environment, and fostering corporate social responsibility.

Scope: This special issue is intended to capture some of the emerging innovations that can improve environmental and social performance and the impact that they are making for both firms and consumers.

Purpose: This special issue seeks to explore the opportunity, development and application of new technologies to promote responsible consumption, environmental preservation, and corporate social responsibility. As firms respond to growing market demand for sustainable products and increased pressure to have a positive reputation for environmental performance and social responsibility, there are significant opportunities for innovation.

Submission Deadline: January 20, 2021

Link to full call for papers: