Call for Papers 'Collective Action in Crisis?'

Call for Papers on a Special Issue in Organization Studies on ‘Collective Action in Crisis?’

With the turn of the millennium, crisis seems to have entered the theatrum mundi for good: the terror attacks of 9/11, the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/08, the ensuing economic crises, the 2015 refugee crises and displacement more general, then various political crises (from protest movements, to national political movements, Brexit etc.), geopolitical conflicts and wars (Syria, Ukraine), the accelerating climate crisis and most recently, COVID 19. We suggest dealing with crisis goes beyond proposed forms of organizing collective action such as markets, hierarchies, networks, and institutions: in fact, during crisis neither prices, nor managerial fiat, nor norms or logics, nor social networks alone seem sufficient to coordinate action and orchestrate decision-making. Thus, in this SI we seek to consolidate our community’s knowledge about organizing collective action in the midst of and following crises, broadly defined, and seek to extend our understanding of crises, their emergence, development, and possible strategies for their mitigation.

Submission deadline: October 15th 2021

Guest Editors:
Martin Kornberger
Renate Meyer
Corinna Frey-Heger
Marian Gatzweiler
Ignasi Martí