Call for abstracts: Art, Business and Sustainability Book (Palgrave)

Dear colleague,

We are looking for chapters for a book “Arts, Business and Sustainability: The Role of Arts-Based Methods in Advancing Change in Business and Society” (working title) edited by Hanna Lehtimäki, Mariana Galvão Lyra and Steven Taylor.

In brief, the idea of the book is to introduce art, play and arts-based methods to advance sustainability thinking and cultural and behavioral change in business and society. As a unique contribution to sustainability research, the book presents insights from artists, art organizations and the specialists using arts-based-methods in education, organizational innovation and citizen engagement. An increased understanding about art and art-based-methods is needed in addressing the behavioral and cultural change in the sustainability transition A fundamental underpinning of the book is that it focuses on art as ontological, epistemological and methodological ways of engaging with sustainability transition. What is missing in the market currently, is a book that focuses on the business and innovation side of art and sustainability transitions. This approach is crucial because the sustainability transition involves change in the mindset of individuals, fundamentally addressing the cultural values, innovating practices and routines in organizations, addressing value creation in business, and fostering cultural change in the society.

If you are interested in providing a chapter, please send us a working title and a short abstract (250-500 words). The abstract should highlight the contribution of the chapter to the overall theme of the book. Please send the abstract to

A tentative schedule for writing is as follows:

  1. October – November 2021, abstracts and outline of the book.

  2. November – December 2021, finalizing contract with the publisher.

  3. February 2022, Kick off –meeting for the authors (on-line), extended abstracts.

  4. April – May 2022, workshop for authors.

  5. August 2022, first draft of chapters.

  6. August – September 2022, peer review.

  7. October 2022, peer review and editor comments to authors.

  8. November – December 2022, editing the chapters.

  9. February 2023. Final deadline and the manuscript submitted to the publisher.

We are looking forward to seeing this book in print, and also appearing as a novel contribution to sustainability transition.

If you are interested, we would like to know as soon as possible, so that we can complete the line-up of chapters and contact the publisher with an overview of the book. We have already received initial positive feedback from Palgrave and continue negotiating with them.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Hanna, Mariana and Steve