Business Model Template

We are happy to let you know that our new book ‘Organizing for Sustainability’ recently came out with Palgrave/Springer. It is a practice-oriented work on sustainable business modelling. Since its release, it was downloaded more than 100.000 times. Based on the Business Model Template (BMT), it provides a comprehensive approach for modelling sustainable, social and circular business models. The BMT offers a practice-oriented approach to multiple value creation. It is the result of many years of research and has been extensively tested in practice.
The book is meant for people who either like to develop or change an existing business model.

The e-Book version is available as an Open Access publication:

Our intention by making this book Open Access is to contribute to transition. If possible be so kind to pay attention to this publication on your website and in your network. We highly appreciate your support in dissemination. Thank you in advance.

Jan Jonker and Niels Faber (Authors and editors)