Ben Houston of Threekit on how retailers can limit bracketing

Hi there! I’d like to submit a guest for your podcast series.

It’s Ben Houston, the founder and CTO of Threekit (, an ecommerce tech company.

He has some pretty interesting insights into the practice of “bracketing.” It’s when online shoppers buy two or three different sizes or styles of an item knowing they’ll return at least one of the purchases.

Back in January, Threekit partnered with the Harris Poll to conduct a study of online shopping habits ( They found that 32% of U.S. online shoppers admitted to bracketing last year.

The problem is that bracketing is contributing to an environmental crisis.

Each year, reverse logistics in the ecommerce industry contribute to 5 billion lbs. of waste in product and packaging, as well as 15 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Ben can talk about why bracketing is a problem, and share steps retailers and consumers can take to reduce their ecommerce environmental footprint.

Does it sound like he could be a fit for the podcast?