Accountancy Europe's Sustainable Tax System project - call for contributions

Dear Forum Members,

I would like to introduce you to Accountancy Europe’sSustainable Tax Systems project( .

We are requesting contributions, written, audio or video, from thought leaders in tax policy to highlight how tax policy and systems need to adapt to deal with 21st Century megatrends. The first megatrend that we will be looking at is how tax policy could help reduce carbon emissions (and pollution) and how tax bases may, in turn, be affected by the climate crisis.

We expect our website to go live very soon with the first contributions from thought leaders and wonder, as an expert in this field, whether you would like to lend your expertise to our project and provide us with a contribution?

The contributions would be in English, ideally be high level and with a maximum length of around 4 pages for written documents. We would like the contributions to include some policy recommendations and we encourage contributors to link to relevant research, as we believe that tax policy should be based as far as possible on empirical evidence - but are not calling for full scientific papers.

We also encourage contributors to consider the possible negative consequences of their proposed policy changes, particularly societal, and consider what measures could be applied to reduce these.

Accountancy Europe is a prominent contributor to European tax policy issues and this project has already attracted considerable interest – especially since our launch event on 15 April (

At the end of the project, we plan on preparing a summary paper linking to interesting ideas and a high-profile event to further drive forward the discussion on how to make tax systems more sustainable.

For further information please view our project cover paper - - which calls for contributions. It contains forewords written by Benjamin Angel, Director of Direct Tax Policy at the European Commission, and Paul Tang, Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the Parliament’s FISC subcommittee.

I appreciate that you will probably require more information to make a decision so please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email ( and I would be happy to discuss the project in more detail.

Kind Regards